Wearing my hair down

May 21, 2014 Naija girl next door 6 Comments

Hey everyone! What's up?
   It's not often it occurs to me to wear my hair down. In secondary school it was always bunned or plaited and tucked under a beret like everyone else's.
     In Uni I spent most of my time in the hospital where it's appropriate and in fact safer, to keep your hair out of the way. So I was happy to know protective styling is important for growing healthy hair.

   On sunday though, I decided at the last minute to take out the bobby pins in my hair and let it hang loose.
   The Bantu knot-out I had been rocking had lost most of its curl, but strands were still clinging together and making my hair look somewhat stringy. I spritzed lightly with water to refresh, then took a wide toothed comb to it and gently separated the strands. I only did this on the length of my hair. My roots will tolerate no such thing hehe!

   As I go along in this transition, my hair accessories are becoming more useful.
I made a single-strand pearl headband a while ago. I had a set of elasticised pearl bracelets and the string on one of them broke. I had all these pearls I didn't know what to do with. Since I hardly wore the bracelets anyway, I got an idea- how about a headband? I cut the other one, tripled sewing thread and strung them on. Then I attached ribbon to both ends to tie behind and voilà, pearl headband.
   It came in handy again on Sunday.
The weather looks fine right? Don't believe it. The sun was scorching hot 

My new growth was all puffy and gave me tons of volume❤. I was really feeling the hair :D

  I never see my hair in the sun so it surprised me that my hair which appears really dark hair normally, catches the light and turns shades of brown and red. My little brother noticed and took a picture (then he took several others where I was totally awkward and didn't know what to do).

Hmmmn. I'm not sure how I feel about this colour.
       I was out for about two hours and then I got back home and put my hair safely up again. I definitely enjoyed wearing it down, and there were lots of questions about it. First off, if it was all mine (some still had to confirm by touching, lol).
Hopefully I got someone started on healthy hair practices.


  1. the color is gorgeous. I also have similar(ish) highlights because I used to use a conditioner and oil that had henna. Maybe the same happened to your hair. And i love the idea of using beads to make a hair accessory, time to steal my mum's beaded jewelry...

    1. Thanks Yvette :*
      I checked and none of my products have henna. Maybe the chamomile in the ORS? It's been said to have lightening properties...
      Let us know if you make one!

  2. You have beautiful hair... Love the repurposed bracelet idea, will def want to try it out if i get tired of one of my bracelets or necklaces.

    1. Thanks Bee!
      I just checked out your blog, it's really cool.
      I'd love to see if you try it

  3. Your hard work is paying off, you are entitled to flunt it a little :)