My first setback + bantu knot out

May 08, 2014 Naija girl next door 6 Comments

   I am sad to report my very first setback since the start of my hair journey. Everything had been going so smoothly and I think I began to take my hair for granted and dropped some healthy hair practices in favour of convenience.
 I'll go into that after I show you pictures.

  After 3 days in twists I took them out and gave my hair the treat it had been crying out for.
- I did a hot oil treatment as my pre-poo:  mustard oil + coconut oil + 3 drops of peppermint oil in a bottle and placed that in a bowl of boiling water. The oil got very warm and I applied to my hair and scalp and covered with a shower cap.
 -I washed after 90 minutes.
 -Deep conditioned with my winning combo of ORS replenishing conditioner and palm kernel oil.
 - I t-shirt dried, sealed with my oil mix and detangled. Then I realized I was overdue for my monthly hair pictures- it's been almost 2 months.
     My hair grows slower in front so it has always been in layers. The middle and back grow faster. In February I noticed the front was trying to catch up (see the hair at the sides), thanks to diligent hair care.
Feb 2014
 I continued that way and by march, there was remarkable improvement as you can see from the sides being almost equal:
Mar 2014

**I don't flat iron to do length checks. It's been 3 years since I used a flat iron. I have blow dried my hair only twice in my one-year hair journey, on relaxer days**

I'm almost 6 months into my transition so unlike earlier months with more relaxed hair,  my new growth is hiding my length. It coils up and draws the rest of my hair upward so it appears as if it's bra strap or mid back length...
...until I pull gently to stretch the new growth and see the length:
In the picture I'm pulling on hair at the middle and back, not the front but it's still pretty evident that I've lost some length in the front sections of my hair. See how the sides are?

I mentioned that it's my fault right? It is. I have not been taking my own advice to work in sections: I used to detangle, braid, co-wash, moisturise etc in at least four sections. These days I've been working in 2 sections, parting my hair down the middle. This means
         i. that the front sections which are my problem areas aren't getting the special attention they need when I apply my products.
          ii. that the tighter curls in front are being detangled at the same speed as the looser curls at the back. That's not good because the front of my hair is more prone to tangles.

Also, I've skipped deep conditioning sessions and there were times when I didn't moiturise and seal for days. I really have been on my worst hair behaviour ever and this is about to change.
To recover from this setback, I will be
1. working in many sections- I'm thinking four to eight. I'll figure it out next wash day
2. Avoiding shortcuts- I'll have full deep conditioning sessions. I pledge to not replace a deep conditioning session with a co-wash out of sheer laziness.
3. Moisturising and sealing daily so help me God.

Meanwhile, my induction ceremony was on monday. I finally took the Hippocratic oath and it was a moment I'll never forget :') But let's talk hair.
I considered getting a weave until I saw that my hair would be needing tlc. It would be difficult under a weave. So I used the shorter front layers to my advantage and did tight bantu knots the night before.

I hoped for short, face framing curls and got them, yay! I pinned up the back with a bobby pin. I didn't take any clear, close-up pics but here are some that show it to an extent.


  1. Sorry to hear about your setback, you have a plan so you are on the right track.

    1. Thanks Candice, I'll do my best to stick to the plan

  2. I am sorry about the setback, but with what I read you are definitely going to make a comeback that will blow us all away. The bantu knot out looks great, and congrats on your induction :)

    1. Thanks Yvette :* I'm all over this. Gotta get it back.

  3. Induction on monday last week? Yay!!! Are you a FMG? They had their induction mondat also at mdcn abuja.. That's by the way sha. I'm sorry about your setback.. Had my first setback since I started my HHJ 10months ago.. There I was, minding my business and it suddenly occured to me to "protective style" with a weave. This was to be my first time getting anything done since I started my journey. I prepped my hair before going to the salon, even complained when the cornrows hurt( a first ever for me in my 14years of going to hair salons). After leaving the salon, I felt good 'cause my hair didn't hurt. Fast forward to 5days and I had huge bumps at my nape. I put some oil on it. 2days later, the hair at my nape was gone. Vanished. I now have a visible neck. All my life, my nape hair has been so low that it used to stop almost at the point where my neck meets my shoulder.. I can't even shout anymore. I never knew you could get sunburns on your neck. Learnt my lesson. When I take this out, no more weaves for me.. Me and my long story.. Later..

    1. Hi Noelle :) No I went to a private uni and wrote the licensing exam along with the FMG's. We were all inducted together in abj that friday...
      Salons can be terrible sometimes honestly! Sorry about what they did to your nape, I'm all too familiar with those bumps. Nah never again