Hair update: My products were held for ransom!

May 01, 2014 Naija girl next door 2 Comments

And the villain was my best friend. What happened was, I left my bag of hair stuff in her car and this girl used it as a bargaining chip to keep my laptop indefinitely (Kudi, expect revenge).
I needed to deep condition and had nothing but an extra bottle of vo5 conditioner and my stash of palm kernel oil. What's a girl to do? I put on my mixologist hat and used things I found in the kitchen- mayonnaise and honey, mixed with some Nigerian black PKO. It was runny so I made a bit of a mess while putting it in my hair. Here's what it looked like:
I covered with a shower cap and wrapped with a towel for 2 hours.
Here's my 2 cents on homemade mixes:
1. In my experience, they're wonderful for nourishing hair. You can make a mix for just about any hair need: protein, moisture etc.
2. This is the con- there's very little slip. Slip is as it sounds: making your hair slippery, ie letting your strands slide over one another well enough to ease detangling. A lot of packaged conditioners give you this. My ORS conditioner definitely has a lot of slip.
 My homemade mixes don't, so I mostly pre-poo with them and use my deep conditioner after washing. OR I'll mix them up with my deep conditioner.
If you have any homemade recipe that gives lots of slip, kindly share in the comment section or post a link :*

Since I was going to detangle without slip, I had to fortify against breakage. I did a green tea rinse after rinsing out my mayo hair masque. The rinse helps reduce shedding from the roots and can strengthen the strands against breakage. Then I applied the vo5 conditioner from scalp to ends, worked it in and rinsed.
I tshirt dried and sealed with my oil mix as usual (luckily I had that because i use it on my body too).
I detangled with a wide toothed comb. It was not very easy this time. I was working with 5 months' worth of new growth without my ORS, but I lost very little hair (yay!)
I put it in a ponytail and went out to meet my sis and watch the Chelsea-Atletico match (2-1)
That was eleven days ago. Kudi returned my products safe and sound but I have not deep conditioned in eleven days. I have been coasting along on co-washing. Shame. It's just that I've been very busy and when I'm not busy, I'm lazy. My moisture levels have been dropping. Not good at all. My solution?
2 days ago I moisturised, sealed with whipped shea butter and put in these twists. They're pinned up to protect my ends.
I'll be moisturising and sealing nightly. This should keep the moisture in and tide me over until I can give my hair a very decadent, full spa day.
So I have a couple of questions-
1. How do you protect your hair when you can't do all that you should?
2. I have a ceremony coming up, it's formal and is kind of a big deal. I need suggestions please. I'm toying with the idea of taking a break from my hair and getting a weave, or I could come up with some style for my hair. What do you think? Please help a sister. Leave a comment or email me:
Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I think you can get a very nice weave....