The wash day files : doing it all

April 22, 2014 Naija girl next door 2 Comments

Wash day was last tuesday so this post should have come earlier but I have been so busy: I was in my friend Tutu's bridal train (Congratulations madam!)
 I tried to type once, late at night in bed, fighting off sleep; and my phone fell smack on my face when I drifted off. Don't laugh.

      I had specific needs this wash day. My hair was calling for protein- it was well moisturised, but the strands were stretchy: what I mean is, I took one of my shed hairs and stretched it out. Normally, it should have some elasticity but quickly return to the way it was before being stretched out. Mine stretched too much and returned rather slowly. Plus, my entire head of hair didn't feel strong enough to withstand manipulation without considerable breakage. Not surprising, since my last protein treatment was 5 weeks ago.
      I started by shampooing.

Shampoo- I didn't pre-poo. My aim was to get everything out of my hair so the protein would penetrate optimally. I didn't dilute it this time, and I used warm (not hot) water to rinse. Warmth raises your hair cuticles and allows stuff you put in your hair penetrate. I gently squeezed out excess water, then wrapped a towel around to let it drip while I mixed my protein treatment.

Protein- I use raw eggs for this. Now a few people have had a bad experience with egg, so I suggest you wait until your hair actually needs protein because it's a strong protein treatment. Also, test a small part of your hair first (I'm ashamed to say I've never done that but that's bad behaviour. You should. Please).
      I used two eggs. One used to be enough but at this length I'm finding that I need more to cover my entire head. So 2 eggs + 2 capfuls of mustard oil (could be any oil. Usually I use olive or coconut but I decided to try mustard), + 3 drops of peppermint oil (for the smell)- I use Ossion which is sold as a massage oil but is 100% pure peppermint oil.
Applied in 4 sections, covered with a showercap and sat down to watch Grey's Anatomy.
I rinsed it out after an hour with warm water (not hot- unless you want cooked eggs in your hair).
There really is nothing better than giving your hair exactly what it needs. My hair was strengthened without the hardness that egg can sometimes give. It felt like I had already deep conditioned it and I was almost tempted to skip my deep conditioning step. I never detangle wet hair in the shower but this had me running my fingers through my hair with ease, at 5 months post relaxer!
Even with all that manipulation there was no breakage.
It's the best balance between strength and softness I've ever gotten after an egg treatment. It has to be the mustard oil. I'll experiment with my next protein treatment.

Deep Conditioning- Since my hair already felt so good, I just wanted to keep it that way. So I used just a bit of my ORS Replenishing conditioner mixed with a tablespoon of my new favourite addition- Palm kernel oil only.
I applied in 2 sections, covered with a shower cap and wrapped with a towel for warmth. I had to bead a dress by hand and before I knew it, 6 hours had passed though I intended to rinse after an hour.
Remember how I mentioned on my last wash day that it took effort to get out the deep conditioner while co-washing? I realize I have been heavy handed with my conditioner.
This time when I took off the shower cap, holy cannoli! there was nothing to rinse out. My hair had absorbed everything and felt so good to touch. Leaving for 6 hours may have helped, I'm not sure. I'll have to try again using the same amount but for an hour only.
     I rinsed anyway with cold water to close my cuticles and trap moisture. I have one more reason to love ORS replenishing conditioner: a bottle will last longer from now on because a little goes a long way and produces the best result.

Drying - I wrapped with a cotton t-shirt for 30 minutes then sealed in 4 sections with 2 drops per section of my oil mix- it contains coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and a bit of sunflower oil.

Detangling - With my fingers, then my wide toothed comb. My new growth was so soft, detangling was a breeze. I lost the least amount of hair I've lost in a long time during wash day. Compare with 2 wash days ago when I took a pic:

 I put in 4 big bantu knots, with my new growth held taut to stretch it out and prevent puffiness at the roots. Tied on my satin scarf and finally went to bed.

     The next day I took out the bantu knots. See how my new growth is cooperating with my relaxed ends?
That's what stretching out your new growth does. Normally the stark difference between natural and relaxed hair textures will cause tangling and breakage, but stretching out your new growth really helps if you're transitioning to natural hair or just trying to wait as long as possible before your next relaxer touch-up.
This was the best wash day I've had in forever. Everything was working. My hair felt like butter, breakage and shedding were at the barest minimum, my hair was airy and bouncy and doing everything I wanted.
How was your wash day?


  1. How many months post are you? You have very beautiful hair.

  2. Thanks a lot Keoshia! I'm 5 months post