Let's simplify this hair stuff

April 23, 2014 Naija girl next door 7 Comments

   Some of us who have been on this hair journey for a while are so used to talking about hair that we sometimes forget that newbies get lost in all that info. The terms that we use easily can seem like another language to someone just getting introduced to healthy hair care. Pre-poo, co-wash, protective style, type 4 hair, etc. Remember when you first heard those?

   I've read some great posts lately that are very beginner-friendly: they really broke it down. I appreciate it when bloggers take time out to explain something basic in hair care, maybe even something they have already explained before. God bless una.

1. For those who think that you need special genes to grow long hair, let Hadassah clear your doubts. She explains on her blog NappilyNigerianGirl that your hair IS growing, and why everyone can have long, healthy hair, with science to back it up o. Read here and here

2. Heard of shedding and breakage? Maybe you're wondering "what on earth is the difference?' or 'what about my hair that keeps falling everywhere- is that shedding or breakage? KL of KL's Naturals has done a fantastic job of taking you from ABC to how you can tackle it. It's in 3 parts. Read em all here

3. Yvette of HardMashonaType talks about very common things around here that explain why your hair has been stuck at one length. She's Zimbabwean and everything in this post is common in Naija too -I'm sure in Africa as a whole. Click here

4. If you're bamboozled by hair products, some complicated regimen or another, keep calm. It doesn't have to be that way. AB of TheKinkAndI takes you back to the basics of hair care. That's really all you need for healthy hair, honest. You can add later if you want. Who wants to spend all their income buying hair products? Read this to get great
hair on a budget, whether natural or relaxed.

5. In case you haven't already seen this, read (and see pics) of protective styles to help you retain length: here. By yours truly :*

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. Let me know what you think :)


  1. Thanks for sharing my post and these other great posts! :o)
    Your hair journey is only as simple as you make it!
    And it's funny how what's standard procedure for one person is rocket science for another
    Just do you!

    1. You're welcome!
      Yeah that just about sums it up :)

  2. thanks for sharing my post, and for giving me more posts to read :). This post is amazing, sometimes all we need are the basics

    1. You're welcome Yvette! I loved reading your article, so relatable. Thanks

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  3. Oh wow! Thanks for including my post. I absolutely love the natural hair on a budget post by thekinkandi. It sums it up. Sometimes when I dont have my fancy products nearby, DuduOsun, an oil , ORS conditioner and aloe vera gel works some mean magic!
    Thanks for introducing me to Yvettes blog...I'm hooked.

    1. I tell you, basic kitchen mixtures have saved the hair day many times. Yvette's blog <3