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April 19, 2014 Naija girl next door 1 Comments

Hello people!
I just want to show you guys what I've been up to with styling in the past few days. Before now i got in a styling rut and didn't even notice. I started to just pin up my ends or throw in a bun and go.
    Lesley of fresh lengths recently did a braided style and it just reminded me how much I loved to do them when I started my hair journey.
  Last saturday I made the braids kind of loose so they would be fatter:

 On sunday night I took down the braids and got braidout results I have never gotten, ever:
I got very loose s-shaped curls and I loved!
The curls were just around the perimeter though, the centre of my head had no curls because there were no braids there.

I tried to recreate the curls for my whole head by parting my hair down the centre, then I moisturised and sealed and made two braids as loose as I possibly could:

Results on monday:

Not as loose as the day before but hey, who's complaining? I separated the curls for more volume I fluffed and I puffed and I made my hair big :D

The look lasted til I washed on tuesday. Post coming up.
What have you been doing with your hair lately? Let's talk in the comment section :)

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