Hair in Naija: whipping up Ori (shea butter)

May 01, 2014 Naija girl next door 4 Comments

Hello beautiful people, hope everyone's happy.
So I mentioned I did something for Tutu's hair right? Well, I whipped her some buttah! Lol
  I saw my chance to get her to put something good in her hair when she told me she's been using shea butter on her body and she likes it.
You know how ori is sold locally in Naija abi? A very firm block that isn't very easy to spread.

Whipping it does the trick. I told her so, and that she could use it in her hair too. She gave me the go-ahead and gifted me some shea butter for my trouble hehe (It was very welcome because mine had just run out).

 Since this might be the only thing she puts in her hair, I had to make sure she would get some moisture out of it. So I whipped it with as much water as I could incorporate into it, adding a little at a time. I also added some honey- a humectant. Then I added about a tablespoon each of olive oil & coconut oil and a little bit of avocado oil.

There was no mixer on hand so I whipped by hand with a fork. I mashed at first to loosen it up, then beat it like an egg though of course it's stiffer. The result was soft, airy, fluffy butter. A small square became a cupful of butter. I wish I had taken a picture of the amount I started with.

A little goes a long way so this will last a while.
As for the madam? She was impressed with it. Yay!

Now for my own. I wanted something creamier, less fluffy. I started with a heaped tablespoon of shea butter and worked in some water. I wanted to use PKO in something other than my deep conditioner so I added a tablespoon of that; and a teaspoon of coconut oil. I left out olive oil because it's a greasier oil and I don't need that here.
Instead of beating, I creamed it- like when you cream butter and sugar together for a cake. You can see the difference in consistency below:
 The brown colour is from the PKO. I loved mine too, and everyone was happy :D

Using these methods, your butter may fall a bit over time, but will still remain soft and easy to spread. If you're particular about it staying perfect, you may want to melt it (over boiling water) and add all your extras, then start to whip when it begins to solidify. Click here for more info.
 I was not ready to do that, we had a lot to do that day and I don't mind if it falls a little bit. It's been a very good, hard working butter and I couldn't be more pleased :)


  1. So what do u use the butter for?

    1. Olly! I use it as a leave-in conditioner these days, it really tames my new growth; and also for heavy sealing before putting in a long term protective style like braids, twists or locs

  2. Just made my own butter! I used PKO, a Lil honey and some drops of water. Looks yummy, pleased with myself. * Huge grin*