Hair in Naija : Rundown cabs

April 11, 2014 Naija girl next door 4 Comments

  You remember when I mentioned in my last wash day post that I had a long day?
Well i had to make a short trip that day and it turned out my only option was a cab.
 Not one of the brand new cabs with impressive air conditioning, not one of the decent ones with confrontational fans posing as Ac, not even one of the regular ones whose windows you quietly wind down... I had to get into the kind whose ignition doesn't work, "push to start" or human powered as someone called it. Lol.
    The car was ancient, the seats threadbare. Then I received info that TWO people sit in front, FOUR at the back. Because no journey is worth that level of discomfort, I paid for 2 seats to sit alone up front. I was surprised at how much this annoyed the other passengers.
 That trip was supposed to be relatively short but it felt like eternity. It was hooooot. In addition to the sun which already had me delirious, the floor (bare metal) spewed heated air at my legs and feet.
    As for my hair, the bun I put it in wasn't even protective enough. The rough, dirty fabric against it was terrible. I kept thinking "I just washed this hair!"
At some point a little girl sitting on her mom's lap behind me kept pulling on my hair so I had to lean forward.
I got out eventually; sweaty, blinded by heat, hair askew and definitely home to colonies of microbes. Ugh!

 A hot shower was in order. For my hair, I divided into two sections: left and right, and plaited the ends. I rubbed in vo5 conditioner to loosen up whatever rubbish I had gathered. Then I rinsed over and over with warm water until I was satisfied it was clean. Final cold water rinse and voilà! clean, soft hair. This semi-wash also did something else- got rid of the oiliness from my last overdone prepoo. 2 birds, one conditioner stone :D

 I didn't even have to detangle because I already did that when I washed the day before. The plaits allowed me to handle my hair mininally. I'll figure out how to incorporate them into future wash days. I sealed with my mix of olive, coconut, sweet almond and sunflower oils: just two drops in either section.
 I've pretty much bunned since then, only taking down to moisturise and seal before bed. That was last Friday. I'm in the middle of another wash day so there'll be a post on that coming up.


  1. this 6 passengers in a cab thing is a problem!
    That's the norm in Calabar and I thought it was just there.
    Ridiculous. And why were the passengers mad? LOL People are just accustomed to unnecessary suffering, it's a shame!

  2. Such a shame. I experienced it first in Benin and initially thought they were joking.
    I have no idea why they were mad. A woman kept yelling in yoruba that I should have paid for all the seats so I'll be alone in the cab. I wasn't about to reply her and anyway, my yoruba is hiccupy at best. Lol

  3. I feel your pain. We have the same thing in my home town (Norton) in Zimbabwe. And its annoying how people try to budget your money and comfort for you.