The Wash Day Files: washing temporary locs

March 25, 2014 Naija girl next door 2 Comments

    A number of people have told me they're having problems leaving comments. It appears google has some roadblocks they can't overcome. No matter. Thank you for trying, I love you all and please keep reading. I'll tackle questions privately and do posts on some of the questions/requests.

Sunday morning
    So sunday was wash day. In the morning I put it in an up-do (pictured above). This post should have come earlier but I'm preparing for an exam and it's next week. (*pulls out hair*).
  Long term protective styles keep wash days short and sweet- exactly what I need right now.
    I've had these temporary locs in for 2 weeks now, and so this was my second wash day. The first one was the weekend before - I shampooed with my diluted Doo gro moisturising shampoo then rinsed out thoroughly. I conditioned by putting some of my vo5 conditioner in a small bowl of water and using as a rinse. I didn't really measure, just used my judgement.

     This time I co-washed with the vo5 conditioner. I parted my locs down the middle,  wet my scalp and applied the conditioner to my scalp in sections. Rub-rub-rub, rinse out. That was it. No, really I mean it.
Then I wrapped it all up in my towel to catch all the drips. When my hair was about 80% dry, I sealed with my oil mix, applied my shea butter mix to my edges, covered up with my satin scarf and went to bed stayed up studying.
   My scalp felt clean, and the new growth at the roots is still nice and moisturised so I haven't spritzed since. Read more about what I use in my previous post.

It's back to the books for me now people. As always I'd love to hear from you.
Kachifo. Xx,


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Am khalima, I read a post on your blog on how you moisturized, washed and deep conditioned your hair with temporary locs on. I would be resuming uni in few weeks and I would like to do temporary locs because am transitioning and in school dere won't be enough time to do different styles.please I want you to explain to me how I would wash and deep condition my hair with the locs on. How I would moisturize it too. You talked about mixing oil water and leave-in conditiner in a spray bottle. Please can you explain more on that too.
    Please kindly reply me. I understand you have lots of message to read. Please kindly read my message and give me a feedback. Thank you very much

    1. Oh no I'm always happy to read and respond to messages. I got your email so I'll reply directly. Cheers!