protective styling 101

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Hiiii! It's a beautiful, not-so-sunny sunday where I am and that is so rare! There's something about not sweating and squinting  that makes me especially happy :D

Ok let's talk about protective styling:

What is it?  Any hairstyle that keeps the ends of your hair hidden or away from the elements- sun, wind etc. It keeps your hair ends off your shoulders and from rubbing on your clothes.

Why? when you leave your hair down, there's a conspiracy between the sun, the wind and your clothes to cause damage.
The sun's merciless uv rays coming down; wind blowing through your hair making me  you feel like Pocahontas but taking away moisture as it goes; your fine new top which your hair repeatedly rubs against causing tiny tiny breakage each time.  At the end of the day your hair is gasping for TLC. When you protective style,  you minimise breakage and maintain health so you retain length and see growth.

How to:  there are lots of protective styles you can try. Some people say it gets boring but personally it gives me many more styling options than simply wearing my hair down. Buns, up-do's, braids, twists, braidouts, twistouts, weaves and wigs can all protect your hair successfully.
Have a look:
buns and up-do's

braided up-do's

box braids

And me :)

Low bun

Tucked-in style on a braidout


To get all the benefits of protective styling, make sure:

-you moisturise seal regularly
-your style isn't too tight and pulling on your hairline so your edges don't thin out
-you don't manipulate your hair more than necessary. Pick styles that allow you days to weeks without combing, pulling and fussing with your hair.
   Of course every now and then you want to enjoy your hair and wear it down... why not! it's your hair and you deserve to show off your progress.

What are your favourite protective styles? How do you take care of your hair while protective styling?