Budget Curly Crochet Hair

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  Crochet is my favourite way to protective style. It's so easy, versatile, and it can be as expensive or as pocket friendly as you want. I prefer pocket friendly; girls can't just be spending lau lau on hair that we will throw away. We have dreams.

 You can do pretty much anything with crochet. If I can imagine a style, there's a way to achieve it with crochet and on a budget too. Latest in my imaginings: Big curly crochet hair. 

Now I'm in Nigeria and the variety of crochet hair isn't exactly overwhelming. I mean, there are all sizes of braids and twists but what about the loose hair? You can't just walk into the market/supermarket hair aisle and find a variety of curls or even straight hair to choose from. If there are online vendors, cost will be a factor. 

People usually put in crochet twists and then unravel them after a few weeks for a bomb twist out right? Idea! 
I can just unravel it before putting it in. That way I can control the size of the curls and how they are arranged. 

I went to the supermarket in search of really soft crochet twists. The softest I found was by some brand called Glow. After I got over the bias from being shown pepper by Glo network, I was very happy (Glow has no affiliation that I know of to Globacom o).  It's called Glow Bouncy Mambo Twist. This had "2X Value Pack" on it.
 Careful now, Glow has another crochet twist hair that isn't nearly as soft as this. I think it's Jumbo. Make sure you get the Bouncy Mambo.

 I wanted 12" but they only had 18" in this brand. It was the best so I decided I'd cut it. At least it was in Colour 2 which I wanted.

And then I discovered they only had two packs. I bought them for N1650 each. I went to other places, even a natural hair salon in search of at least one more, but no one had. I went back a couple of times after that to see if they had restocked but nope, nothing.

Eventually, I convinced myself I could make two packs work. One midnight, nervous, I got to work.
My cornrows were basic- straight back with 8 in front, joining a couple to make 6 at the back. Fewer cornrows means you need less hair to fill them up. I joined the two that made the centre parting and the two that made the side parting.
Something similar.
Source: Breanna Rutter

I cut the twists in half and unravelled. So I was working with 9 inches.
If you want perfect curls, don't divide.

 I like messy curls and you can get that look with curls of different sizes. So most at the back were divided into three, and some into two, some into four.

At the front, most were divided into four, and some divided even further.

The crochet process with a latch hook is easy, YouTube has tons of tutorials.
Also look up how to do an invisible part with crochet.

Centre part

All done with the main hair. Now the part I really pay attention to: the hairline and the cut.
 Most people naturally have shorter, wispy hair in front to frame the face. I like to make my crochet have a natural look so I mimic that.
I halved two again so I had 4 pieces, 4.5 inches in length. I divided them into small curls and crocheted them to the very front.
Side part. Notice the little pieces making up the hairline?

They're small and light so they won't do any damage to your edges.
 Biggest surprise, I used only one and a half packs!
Then I cut all around with scissors carefully to suit my face until I was happy with the shape.
Next step, go outside and shiiine. But it was like 3 am or so at this point so I carried my fine hair to bed.

It was time to shine

  • I pack it up at night in a pineapple and wear a satin bonnet that frankly doesn't cover the whole thing.
  • In the morning I take down, fluff the curls and push them into shape, and cut off any matted ends. Over time, it loses some volume and length from this process so I add a little more if I want it bigger again. I still haven't used up the second pack.
  • I haven't needed to use any product on the hair. I used Shea Moisture mousse one time but nothing really happened. Maybe a serum might add shine or something but I don't care much for those.
 My hair is 11 days today and I'm going to wash my scalp. If the curls are affected too much, I'll try a braidout and do a hot water set and see what happens. If I do, it'll be on my Insta stories.

Total cost : N3300 for two packs of hair. That's less than 10USD now.
Thanks for reading! Thoughts? Hit me up in the comments.



  1. It's really beautiful!
    And your skin really took the instruction 'shine' to heart💕💕

  2. I love it, If I find it in trade fair market it's my next protective style. Let me buy and glow like you.

    1. Even if you don’t find this exact one, any crochet twist hair will do. Just feel it and be comfortable with the texture of the one you buy.

  3. Its beautiful!! i hope i can get the hair when i go to the market, id really love to try this. thanks for this.. are you on youtube?

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it. I’m not on YouTube. At least not yet.

  4. I really love this look!!!!! Will be trying it out soon but maybe with another soft hair because I'm pretty sure I won't find your brand of hair where I stay.

    1. Thanks Hadassah! I can’t wait to see yours. You’re very good at picking out hair so I’ll be looking out for that. Never hurts to have options.

  5. I have really missed out here, I am so going to read all the post I have missed out on and also try this versatile hair style. Its so beautiful.

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