Soft, Natural-looking Crochet on a Budget

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Hey guys!
I had a crochet breakthrough last year. I found long kinky hair for cheap that looked and felt close to my natural hair. I wanted a leave-out, so it was important to me that it blend with my real hair. I probably spent hours at Ebeano Supermarket in Lekki, looking at and feeling all kinds of hair (Don't ever agree to do any kind of shopping with me).
There were a few bulk hair extensions, but they were either for an afro look or very defined, silky curls (Freetress) that would never blend with mine.
 The logical option was to get crochet twists and unravel them.
You already know the variety of crochet extensions available;
 Havana, Krochet Kulture and some lesser-known ones were too silky for my natural texture. Noble, Xpression and Naomi Boom felt tougher or just different to my natural hair. So there I was having a Goldilocks moment, looking for porridge hair extensions that would be juuuust right.

I had never heard of Bella Crochet Twists before I found it.
The twists were really tight and firm so I thought the texture would be hard until I unraveled one and ran it through my fingers. It felt closer to my natural hair than any synthetic hair I'd ever used before. No wait, Janet Collection Noir is really good too. It wasn't there though, and because of the exchange rate it costs a lot more than it used to.

Price of Bella Crochet: N1500 each. I bought two. I also bought a detangling brush to help me brush out the hair.

My braid pattern was pretty basic. I left out hair for a centre part, side part and all around the perimeter so I could put my hair up or take it straight back.The rest of my hair went back in simple cornrows.

It was so big when I was done, I trimmed off uneven ends and shaped it up, then took a bunch of happy pictures tossing my head about. It was the best time to have all this hair because I had to be in England in late autumn and I don't like cold at ALL.

  Maintaining it was the same as you'd do for your own hair. If I don't moisturise and braid or twist my own hair before bed, I'm risking tangles and dry hair that's difficult to manage. It was the same with the extensions. I did it along with my leave-out and had the best results. Braiding/ twisting at night also helped tone down the volume in the morning. Big hair is cute but it's a lot to handle. I'm sure human hair would be easier to manage, but this hair was really good and at an unbelievable price.

My favourite thing was my big messy bun!

I had so many women complimenting me on my really long hair and I felt compelled to tell each one that it wasn't all mine. My friend Alex couldn't believe it. "Just say thank you! Must you tell them?" I don't know guys, I couldn't help myself. What do you think? Simply take a compliment or clear things up?

I had this hair in for 4 to 5 weeks I think. After the first two-and-half weeks I didn't want to bother with a leaveout anymore so I cornrowed by leaveout to the back, retaining the centre part. the braid at my nape was hidden so I let it be, then crocheted more hair to the front.

So ladies, whatcha think? Try or pass?


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  1. I like the hair and how it looks on you,even the three strand braids in the last picture looks like your hair from root to tip and I think the price is fair enough.
    I love giveaways.. I will be looking out for this one.
    I sight those shoes I love so much too����

    1. Our shoes ba? I'm wearing them for both of usūüėĄ
      I'll post the giveaway in a bit. Good luck!

  2. It really blended well with your hair. I once had the same problem of finding the right texture to match my own hair and I didn't want that afro look. I finally used pre-twisted crochet hair then untwisted and combed it out. I can't remember the name of the hair but I've seen it on some ladies.

    1. Thanks Chidinma. Pretwisted crochet hair is genius isn't it? Because loose hair that looks 4c and doesn't feel like steel wool is just hard to find around here

  3. I was about to say your hair has grown amazingly since I was last here. How is being natural going?

    1. Hi Yvette! It's been great having natural hair. I don't have to do touch-ups and feel the relaxer burn; and I love all the things my hair is able to do with all the texture. I don't do as many curly styles as I did relaxed, because it takes more time to get definition with natural hair, but I will volume over defintion any day.

  4. Very lovely. I had always wanted to do this with supreme kinky hair, but I kept procrastinating. Luckily, I have this exact Bella crochet hair, but I used mine to make a cute wig. I'll definitely do this when I'm tired of my wig. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are so good with getting abi fishing out all theses nice hair extensions we didnt know exist. this is so nice. we should team up for a DIY session o