Wash day: feat. Darcy's Botanicals DC + Savvy Chic Shea Butter Cup

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Hey hey,
Wash day post coming through... did you miss them? I missed posting.

     My hair was due for a serious injection of moisture (without protein) but I had run out of my usual dc for this: Shea Moisture Purification Masque. My banana masque  (sans egg) would have done it but I wasn't in the mood for a whole production. I just wanted something good in a bottle. No, tub; something good in a tub.

      Anyway I put my hair up and away and followed my sister for her salon appointment at Tresses salon, run by Koyin Vera-Cruz. Koyin is a trichologist, but she's also a hair care guru, so she goes beyond fixing actual hair and scalp conditions. (@koyinvc on Instagram)
It's always a treat to talk hair with someone who knows, so before you know it we were exchanging experiences and opinions about the products she had for sale.
    She really wanted me to try Darcy's Botanicals Deep Conditioning Masque, but she didn't have any for sale so she scooped from her own jar into a plastic container for me to take home. She's a real G. Koyin 👊👊👊

     So I tried it. I shampooed my scalp with Shanyi Organics Shampoo, and then worked in Darcy's DC into my damp hair in four sections. I didn't add anything because I really wanted to see what the product could do.
Before wash

It's white, thick but not heavy when you apply, and has a very mild(barely there in fact), pleasant scent. It has a good amount of slip- not the best ever, but good. It rinsed out easily too.
Results? Loved it. It left my hair very moisturised, juicy and weightless. My ends felt really good too.
After rinsing out DC
 I'll have to use it a few more times to determine how it measures up to the Shea Moisture Purification masque, but unfortunately Koyin doesn't know when she'll get new stock.
    Get this though, she tried to give me more for free. I didn't take it because I didn't feel right not paying for it, but Koyin is a gem and she can take my money whenever the DB conditioner is back in stock.

I used my Savvy & Chic Shea Butter cup in strawberry to seal my damp hair and as a styling aid to braid. Remember when I used the Honeysuckle one? It smelled nice, but this strawberry one is so yum! Of course regular shea butter works as well; me I just want to smell yummy.
Smooth braids. A successful curly style depends on a smooth install.

 The next day I carefully took down the braids with a bit of coconut oil on my fingers.

   I really loved the results. It definitely helped to:
1. Start with damp, freshly conditioned hair
2. Use a styling putty to help smooth the kinks
3. Keep all three 'legs' of the braid equal and separate, and not 'borrow' hair from any one.
    Later in the day the humidity had puffed up my hair. Lagos humidity is not a joke.
It might help to use a styling gel you like. You should get longer-lasting definition.
  How was your wash day? Have you used any of the products mentioned?


P.s: I wasn't compensated in any way for anything said in this post. These are my honest opinions and I believe in sharing.


  1. Your hair is so lush!
    Y u no post a picture of the product so we can see?
    I didn't know Koyin had a salon.
    My sister's relaxed hair has been a little weird, + rejecting relaxer lately, so I think I'll take her there for some magic :)

    1. Lol... I didn't take a picture of the original container (shortsighted I know) so the only thing I had was an unremarkable white cream in a more unremarkable plastic bowl.
      And thank you 😊

  2. Hi Doc,

    Ah, any woman who will happily share hair conditioner is a real G, in a "G as in goddess" kind of way. Nice!

    I know myself, I will slather that yummy S&C strawberry shea butter over fresh white bread slices.

    I like easy peasy wash days, my last one went well. I've learned not to comb hair when wet, then I finger-comb damp hair after applying my leave-in conditioner, makes me happier to not lose hair on wash days. :-)

    Enjoy the long mid-weekend!

    1. G for goddess😁😁😁
      The texture of whipped shea butter is seriously tempting me. Soon I'll be making cake and frosting out of it.
      A+ wash day practices Nedu, sweeping up lots of hair is traumatising.

  3. Welcome back dear, and I am going to look for these Darcy DC masque

  4. I'm glad you love the Shea butter!!Thank. You!!