The NHCG salon Day out- How it went down

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 Hey everybaaady!

I'll just get right to it. The Salon Day Out was bomb! Dabs took it to a whole 'nother level!!! I'm stoked I got to be a part of it. I got there early and stayed until the end- it was a long but packed event.
Some pictures not bearing my watermark were taken from the ffg blogs:
Don't touch the hair
Larger than life 

Naturals love each other :p

My sis came to listen to me. She's a naturalweavesta (trademark!)

Selfie with my friend Ojay (a real one to have come to our oestrogen-fest) and my sister
    At hair events I reeeally enjoy meeting new people and seeing those I usually connect with online. I took a bunch of selfies with all these beautiful people and I'll be sharing them in the body of this post.

1st item on the agenda was the Hair Journey series. 
Dabs shared her journey from damage and breakage to long healthy texlaxed hair.
The flawless Dabs
Next was Lade of she has lush, hip length texlaxed hair and she wore it in this head turning bow and bangs. *salivates*

Then I was up, sharing my relaxed/texlaxed journey to waist length and my ongoing transition to natural.
My friend Ojay videoed the entire thing and I haven't even seen it yet. I need to track him down...

Next was Koyin, who's a registered trichologist and has long, silky relaxed/texlaxed hair.

Lastly, Atilola of AfricaNaturalistas who's also a trichologist and has long natural hair... she gave me hiccups with her very humorous presentation from laughing so hard.
Atilola, me, Koyin, Lade and Dabs

2. The Hair Pros series.
Kemi Lewis of klsnaturals did an updo on natural hair on stage.

Just look at KL's handwork. When I take a break from my salon-free life I'm starting with KL

    Patrick of Patrick's Hair zone did a cut and blow-dry on peruvian weave that brought it to very bouncy, beautiful life.
 Then, the stylists at the Savvy&Chic salon finished up Berry Dakara's faux locs on stage, using a technique created by Dabs that halves the time required. I did faux locs once and the time it took then is the reason I haven't revisited the style yet. I just might reconsider.
  **** At this point I was almost dizzy with hunger so I wasn't taking any pictures; my sister saved my soul by going to get me a shawarma and I went out to wolf it down. Sometime after, we were served cupcakes and juice****
With Uju of I'm digging her metallic headband and she smelled really nice (am I weird?)

Faith and Doofan. I loved these ladies. We had a moment to discuss how exotic Doofan's name is. Yes she's Nigerian

Mercy (I wanted to snatch her hat) and Tayo whom I sat with for a while and chatted with 

Osas and Omowumi. Radiant. Had a nice conversation with them.

Bukky. Gorgeous without any makeup

More excitement came during the Battle of the Hairlistas.
 Two teams faced off and performed different tasks. My favourite part was the "recreate" task.
Team On Fleek did better at this one.

Moby!!:* of Go and read her blog! No bad day seems as bad after reading a moby post 

The next task that caused quite a bit of a stir was the "Avant garde" task.
I think team Glamly Nappy did better here.

    All in all, team On Fleek won 100k worth of hair products by Design Essentials and $100 each! Quite a win eh? All the contestants looked happy at the end of the day. Everyone went home with a package and I think they had fun too.  
Tofunmi! She was a member of Team On Fleek and this big grin had a lot to do with her win :p

Lamosi, of Team Glamly Nappy- the only transitioner in the battle of the hairlistas. She has a lot of hair

  Last on the agenda: Giveaways. I would have loved to win the Shea Moisture product o, kai. At the time I was at Natural Nigerian's stand buying stuff.

Speaking of which, Haul!

From Natural Nigerian: 1. flax seeds N1250 to make hair gel and to include in my diet.
2. Cocoa butter N2000 for 250g because I've been itching to try some other butter besides shea for hair and skin.
3. Applicator bottle N500 to fine-tune wash days and end the awkward scooping of oils and gloopy stuff onto my scalp with my hands.
 From Savvy&Chic: 1. Hair shears N2000 for my  upcoming big chop.
2. Satin sleep cap N1000 (or was it N1500) because it's pretty and I want a change from scarves.
3. Tiny claw clips N500 because I had to use my sister's voucher. *shrugs*

I got home all tuckered out and fell asleep real quick. Thanks to all those who came up to me, spoke to me, took selfies with me and told me they enjoyed my presentation *happy tears and princess wave* God bless y'all.

Congrats once again to Dabs who's been blogging for 5 years and teaching a battalion of women about hair. I wish you even bigger things.

P.s- to my family and friends, I need a camera naaaaa...


  1. Lovely event.
    I hope i get to attend one of these one day .
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like and sound like fun.
    i have love to hear your speech.
    well done.

  3. Woot woot!!! Nice seeing you again, and I love your recap!

    1. Hi Berry, was great to see you too. I hope the locs don't feel as heavy anymore

  4. Lmao dts actually me on white top and blue jeans in the pix yu took with the lady with d metallic headband. I came very late to the event so I wasn't der wen you talked. Ws a fun event! Team on fleek was good!

    1. Ahhh and I didn't know! I was going through the pictures and thought "nice jeans" lol. It really was fun

  5. Hey Sandra. I'm curious about your sister being a natural weavester. How do she do it? Closures?

    1. Hi Anon, yeah she uses closures especially for the straighter weaves, or does a full fringe

  6. Wow! Y'all are looking stunning. I love how you styled your hair as well just that i wasn't able to see the back in these pictures. I'm sure you had fun, wish i was there though.... One day i'll. Thanks for posting this and lovely outfit.

    1. Thanks Dup zzy :*
      I'll do a proper post on my hairstyle

  7. Awesome recap. Rooting for your big chop(:

  8. Was at the event and mostly caught Atilola's speech. I managed to only buy flaxseed, i have enough hair products for two years and my husband might throw me out if i buy more stuff. Lol.

    Also booked my big chop with KL naturals for this friday after about 11 months of transitioning. Looking forward to that.

    1. LOL! I admire your restraint. Big chop bells ringing all around. Love it

  9. Love your recap! At a point, I thought you've already done the big chop until I got to the end!

  10. Great recap. I see 'me' up there.

    Was a pleasure meeting you, albeit for just a few seconds. Following your journey has been amazing and your blog is definitely a major resource for any one transitioning or considering it in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your journey through this medium and all others.

    1. Aww thank you msBee. I'm glad my journey helps. Really appreciate that you follow it :* :*

    2. Yay! I see me, I came here late, but am here now. Really wanted to chat more with you but you were busy. Such a humble, soft spoken soul you are.