Restaurant review: Sunday lunch at Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant

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      How's your weekend going? Did you get Friday off? I did and it was wonderful. I cooked and baked fireworks in the kitchen. Did you see my instagram post? I hadn't had the chance to fix myself something nice in forever so that was a treat. The chocolate cake is still making me and a bunch of people at work happy, slices are going faster than I can take pictures.
What a long preamble.

   Today's post is a review of lunch at Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant. Not today's lunch, several Sundays ago. I'm on call today so lunch was much less spectacular (infamous hospital food).
    My dad was in town that Sunday and we; Daddy, sis and I were quite hungry, and Dad let us pick the place. But of course, you know we had to get a lil fancy, Daddy payin' hehe. We decided on seafood and picked this place on Adeyemo Alakija, off Sanusi Fafunwa.

 It's supposed to feel like you're on deck, seaside.
We climbed aboard. Ahoy (or something)!

  We met a very pleasant waiter who even helped when he saw me struggling to take a selfie at the entrance, and took photos of us after our meal.
My sis and I went to the ladies' but there was no running water to wash our hands. We told a waiter who ran off and quickly came back with water, soap and towels.

The menu

  We placed our orders and the bread basket came meanwhile, served with packets of butter.

Honestly that bread was a lifesaver because our food took about an hour to arrive but we weren't starving while we waited.
   Our food came and the presentation was lovely.

 I had the Fisherman sampler platter: Butterfly prawns, crab cakes, calamari; I picked a side of mashed potatoes. Everyone got steamed veggies with their food.

Dad: Calamari and line fish with rice.

Sis: Fish skewer meal with rice. 

    We all had a bite of one another's food.
I loved my calamari. It was my first time and it was my favourite. My sister was mad about my crab cakes and wished she had gotten them. The prawns were nice; not the best I've ever had, just nice.
The mashed potato had a divinely balanced flavour, rich, creamy... but wasn't perfectly smooth. The taste was so good that I didn't even mind though, and I would have it again.
My sister thought her food was nice but seemed to enjoy mine more (what can I say, I know how to order :p :p). Her fish was nicely flavoured and was tender and moist inside; but the rice was just average in taste.
Dad's line fish was lovely. Rice was same as Sis's.

    We all agreed that their handling of vegetables was stellar, both the steamed sides and the vegs in the rice. They were cooked just right- colour still vibrant with some crunch in them.

The condiments were the perfect accompaniment. My food might have been a little dry without them. I couldn't get enough. I smothered the prawns in the peppery one and it took them several notches higher.

 We had water so no drinks to review.
The bill came up to N3k to N3500 (about $15) per person, give or take a few naira. Not bad huh?
      All in all, the customer service was excellent- this is a big deal; and the food was very good and very very filling. We had leftovers that were packed and given to us.
We didn't even consider dessert. I'm not a midday nap person but I took an irresistible one after this meal.

Would I go again? Definitely. I recommend it too.
Have you eaten at Coral Blue? What was your experience? Would you go if you haven't? Is there a better seafood place? Hit me up in the comments :* :*


  1. Looks and sounds divine (: I haven't been there but one of these days, hopefully.

    How to make a cute headband with an old shirt

    1. Let us know if you do... Girrrl I saw your Ig post on how you made that headband, it's so pretty

  2. wow. i looove sea food. tat fisherman sampler platter though! i like what i see! u def had fun :)

    1. I know right, I want to have it again. Meanwhile welcome back to the blogosphere!

  3. Always just driven past. Figured they wouldnt be much different from ocean basket whose quality dropped since entering lagos.

    Ps...Sandra you won the shoes. Please check your email...

    1. Thank you very much ms pynk :D :D *lil dance*
      I haven't been to Ocean basket yet. I should try them