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    Hello people,  I hope things are going better for you because heh, things are less than ideal here o. *Launching rant*
   I was supposed to have had this entire week free before starting my next posting in Internal medicine. I had planned to put up a lot of posts as I am presently BURIED under pending posts, and I was supposed to rest, unwind and put on a little flesh so I could give my next assignment my best.               Unfortunately we're being held back until our replacements resume, which means I've given of myself for an extra week. It also means I'll be on call on sunday, the third extra call duty I'm doing in this department. The first extra was the reason I missed the Kinky Apothecary Natural Hair and Beauty Show on Saturday. Who went? I heard it was mad fun.
         In the midst of all that, fuel scarcity. I drive with one eye on the fuel gauge. No light, now no water because there's nothing to power the pumping machine. God help us.
     On to the reason for today's post- the 'what's in my bag' tag. I was tagged by AB of thekinkandi. Thank you! :* I liked reading AB's and Meemee's.

    I sifted through a whole bunch of paper scraps with scribbles on them- drug dosages, shopping lists, other lists, receipts... to bring you a saner version of the stuff in my everyday bag.
L to R, from the top
1. Lipstick of the day- and sometimes those of previous days because I forget to take them out. Right now I have up to four in my bag *facepalm*
 The day I took this pic it was Black up in 38M and Mac Flat out fabulous. I adore them.
2. Phone charger- a necessity.
3. Extra battery kit- yes. Dead phone make happy Sandra sad, mad Sandra. Hulk smash.
4. Notebook for all those scribbles.
5. Work id on top of notebook.
6. My stethoscope. Once in a while when Lagos goes wild, I hang it up in my car eg during the elections. Make way, coming through, lives at stake.
7. Headphones aka lifesavers
8. Portable speaker. I like to move it it.
9. Chewing gum- especially during call duty. Gotta stay fresh even if you've been drooling from exhaustion.
10. Pen- An essential. Especially in the bank. You don't want to be that irritant in the bank.
11. flash drive
12.wristwatch and earrings- um, probably took them off on my way home and forgot to take them out. Sometimes I have up to 3 pairs of earrings in there.
13. Hand sanitizer. Duh.
14. Paediatrics handbook. For those times I need to remind myself/make sure.

Not pictured: my wallet and my phones. My Samsung took this picture. The other is a small Nokia that goes missing a lot.

I'm going to tag...
1. Uju Lilian Ikegbune of ethniques.blogspot.com
2. Yvette of hardmashonatype.blogspot.com
3. Bee of glamlushhair.blogspot.com
4. Moby of mylifeasmoby.com
    Many people have already done the tag so I'll leave it here. If you've not and would like to, please receeeeive this tag! I would love to read it. Mwah.

P.s. Have you marked June 7 on your calendars? Please refrain from dulling and do so. It is not a joking stuvvs, it's the Naija Hair can Grow Salon day out. Don't let somebody tell you about it.
It's just N500 to get in, and you can redeem that 500 bucks at the Savvy & Chic stand so essentially, entry it's free.  I can't wait to see you there.



  1. Hahahahaha! I can call ur bag a room o! Stethoscope! For when Lagos gets crazy like right now #NoFuelLightWater. Thanks for tagging me, I will put up a post on monday. I will also advertise the saloon day out.

    1. Yayyy thanks! I'll be sure to read it. :*
      Honestly the bag is a house sef

  2. Thanks huni....let me sharply go and remove the roasted corn and groundnut in my bagg before o embarass myself...hehe. thanks boo


  3. It seems people are not insane like me o. Nobody should dare tag me in this challenge o because my bag would not be as sane as this. I carry so much junk that sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me. Paediatric handbook.....nice, i am impressed. As a pharmacist at the paediatric unit i am very particular about their prescription. I don't take chances with children o. I have shouted at my interns for messing up and even had some severe confrontation with some doctors over their prescription but at the end of the day we all become great buddies because we realise that it is all good for the kids. Yaaaay! Dr Sandra is a facilitator at the salon day out. I wish i could be there but i can't....no leave for me yet. Extra week in internal medicine, hmmm na wa o, wetin do your replacements na?

    journal of a petite diva

    1. Now that I think about it I should have tagged you sef :p
      Awww wish you could be there. Hopefully the next one. The extra week was in paeds o. They were also being held back waiting for their own replacements. Vicious cycle

  4. Thanks for tagging me. I have finally done the tag


  5. Thank you! WORKING ON THE TAG AS I TYPE :-D

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