Two wash days and a perm rod set

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   I promise I've been washing my hair even though I haven't posted two wash days. I was extremely naughty my last wash day and I've come to report myself to you guys.

First wash day
That was week 2 of my regimen and I picked ayurveda because it's been so long.
My old twistout was a mess
 I finger detangled with oil before I began.

       Added a few tablespoons (total) of amla, shikakai, methi and bhringraj to warm milk (creamier than with water) + 1 tbsp honey + coconut and olive oils + a teaspoon of castor oil as par the Hairlista challenge.
Massaged into my hair and scalp for an all-in-one strengthening and cleansing treatment.
I rinsed out after an hour. I wanted to get my hair in a bun/ponytail, not an easy feat with hair 15 months post relaxer... so I took advantage of the running water to rake through and get my hair together.
 My hair was missing that soft feel that conditioner gives as ayurvedic treatments are not meant to soften, but it was stronger and I was happy.
Tshirt dried, applied my Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and sealed with my oil mix.
Put hair in a ponytail and pinned flyaways.

I wore in a bun for almost a week then did a perm rod set. Yes I got perm rods =D.
3 packs of grey and 2 packs of white (12 in a pack). I need one more pack. Had to put in 4 tiny bantu knots when I ran out of rods

2nd wash day
Week 3: It was supposed to be another all-in-one with the SM Purification masque, but I also included in my regimen that I will do protein treatments as needed. My relaxed ends were starting to get this "why-bother, tired-of-life" look- thin, stringy, no volume whatsoever.
Protein treatment: I had yoghurt which adds both protein and moisture, so I mixed about half a cup with one egg. I added nothing else because I had planned to wash and deep condition anyway.
I covered for an hour with a plastic cap and then washed with Shea Moisture Red Tea and Babassu baby wash [reviewed] on my scalp alone. The runoff cleansed my hair and afterwards my hair felt really good.
    My ends were revived and my hair didn't have the hard-ish feeling that comes with an egg treatment so I *confession time* skipped my dc and even my leave-in conditioner. *Hides*
Whaat? I only wanted to enjoy the volume and not have it weighed down. :(
Ok ok, I was actually lazy.
I sealed my damp hair with my Savvy & Chic Shea Buttercup and it felt decent. I have been doing simple updo's for work ever since.
These were 4 large, roughly done flat twists with bobby pins in place to make sure no scalp shows.

Why you should never skip your dc after a protein treatment- I didn't retain much moisture this week as a result and I've had a little more breakage from the dryness.
When I wrote this last night I was doing a hot oil treatment to remedy my situation.  More about that next wash day post.

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  1. OMG you have a lot, I mean a lot of new growth.

    I remember the pain it was getting my hair into a ponytail, and my is shorter.

    The perm rod set looks fab

  2. The perm rod set came out very nice.

    1. Thank you Abena. A relief considering the time they took to install

  3. Your perm rods were so cute. I know what you mean with the dryness after protein. I am so scared of proteins that even though I follow up with a moisturising deep treatment, I still add a little honey to my protein treatment! you know, just incase. LOL

    1. Thanks Dumsy, I won't try that risky business again. I would have added honey and oils if I had known laziness would overtake me

  4. Your perm rod set looked really nice.

  5. Your perm rod set looks fab! What products did you use?

    1. Hey ya! I sprayed with water and then used whipped shea. I don't use a holding product eg gel, at least not yet so the curls lasted just 2-3 days

    2. Y don't u use gels etc?