Me lately: 5 Loves and a life decision.

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   Hey you guys, I hope you're still there.
I haven't posted nearly as much as I've been wanting to lately. The explanation is simple:

    My work in the past three weeks has been the most stress I've ever had to undergo. Makes all my previous postings seem almost chilled in comparison. I have lost weight, my clothes don't fit, my skin is rebelling and I don't even care.
     I've been in the newborn ward and the babies... they are draining my body of everything I didn't even know I had. For two years now I've been trying to decide whether to specialise in Paeds (kids) or psychiatry. A really major life choice for me.

Life Decision
    These three weeks have smeared black paint all over paeds in my mind.
The babies are cute, and when they respond to treatment and do well, JOY! Worth the stress without question.
 On the other hand, when they die it is heartbreaking. Breaking the news to the parents, especially the mum is the worst thing ever.
Another factor in this decision is the amount of work. As a student I didn't spend much time in the newborn ward; many people trooping in is not the best for them; so I didn't know how much work was involved.
The babies are so fragile, the ones born premature especially, so you cannot leave anything until the next day even if you think you might faint...then you start all over again the day after. Having to do this indefinitely during residency is a pill I cannot swallow.
So yeah, I will not be a Paediatrician.

That felt final. Sad, but I'm at peace with it. I haven't talked this much about work on this space ever...

   On a much much lighter note, the actual post I planned- my 5 loves. Some are new, others not so much. Nappyhaired did hers and reminded me it's been a while.

NGND Hearts:
1. Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams

If someone had told me even last year that I would be rocking out to Taylor Swift's music, hard girl like me, I would have laughed and belched in their face. But here I am, hot on the heels of my love for Blank Space, loving and screaming along to Wildest Dreams. Who woulda thunk it? I'm definitely wide open to anything this girl does from now on.

2. Flats
Comfort has taken over these days. I'm losing my talent and skill with heels. Yes o, say nothing. Please don't tell my mum.
  And ooh, I filled out a questionnaire months ago that I had even forgotten about, only to get an email that I had won a pair of Thandos shoes for it. Who no like awuf? Can't wait to get mine. They're @teamthandos on Ig.

3. Minions

Kai, they are the cutest, funniest, most adorable creatures ever. Bunnies, kittens and puppies please step. I've loved them since Despicable Me 1, and ever since part 2 there's been a minion-shaped hole in my life, I want one so bad! Too bad they're fictional. I have a track record sha, I pined hard for Piglet from Winnie the Pooh back in the day...

4. Porsch stores

New fashion retailer set to launch in Nigeria. I was contacted by them, saw the pictures and I was really impressed. Like, I WANT. I'll put up a post on this in a minute.

5. Plain yoghurt

Why have I not ever had unsweetened yoghurt before now??
I got a 750ml bowl from Spar for N350 (that's like $1.70 these days right? Sheesh) and Dios mio, it is amaaazing with fresh fruit. I slice into a bowl and top with spoons of the cold creamy yoghurt. Yum! I was surprised how well it went with pawpaw. I'm on my second bowl, just had it with bananas tonight.

So what's going on with you lately? Big, little? What are you loving? You know I love when you talk to me.



  1. Hiya.. Peads OMG.. Makes me shudder. 3years later and I still want to run when I see peads HOD. Just wrote primaries Wednesday.. Tired as heck, slept the sleep of the dead 2 nights.. Loving the lemon essential oil I got from nn. It makes my olive & grapeseed oils tolerable.. Watched a workout video with a naija track now I can't get "Ello Bae" out of my head.. lol.. Lemme stop my rambling and go to sleep.. G'night..

    1. Ello bae! Hehe. Wow that's awesome. Primaries in paeds or which specialty?
      I saw your nn haul on instagram- so many essential oils. I should try it on my black palm kernel oil, see if it tones down the smell

  2. For me, I'm stuck. Like literally stuck. I have no specialty!!! *pulls out hair*. Paeds was always a Hell no! Surgery was my lover until I did my rotations and found out maybe I wasn't built that strong. PS: The worst combo was mos def HRH Paeds Surgery, I have a gastric ulcer to show for that one *rolls eyes *. So now I'm lost and need help ASAP.
    As for my hair *bows in shame* it has had no love from me *wails*. There have been tail combs, no wash days for weeks and absolutely no moisture in btw *shrieks in horror as Gate to Hair heaven is closed*. Like I said, No Love. Maybe when internship is over, we just might find our way back again.
    Ok, need to stop rambling. How are you love? Good to see you are transitioning beautifully.

    1. Ollyyyy! Kisses. I hope we all figure things out (career advicer maybe?) Sorry about that ulcer. The things we give up huh.
      I knew tay tay surgery was a bust. Indefinite standing and back pain is not the romanticised version on Grey's Anatomy.

      Gate to hair heaven lmao! You're being a bad bad girl to your hair. Don't let me get you. I've missed you plenty

  3. Ok! Doctors in the building, don't make this a medical affair jooR, its a career decision thing. I pray you all find your path, thank God for impacting in you all the wisdom to save life. For me, I just found out about greek yogurt and I have been making sweet smoothies with it. Secondly I recently started managing social media platform and offering styling services for an online fashion retailer, am also learning video editing skill for my vlog comming soon and am learning new and interesting way to take care of my natural hair from ur blog.

    1. Hi Uju! Lol, sorry ma. Thanks for the good wishes :*
      You're quite the busy bee o. Thanks for reading my blog. Can't wait to see your videos

  4. Aww. Pele. It must be really difficult, but you've finally made peace with your decision. Psychiatry also sounds pretty emotionally tasking, but hopefully it suits you better than Paediatrics.

    Everytime I see that SPAR yogurt in the tub, I consider and always get another brand. At first I'd be so excited thinking it was Habib Yogurt only to see it wasn't lol

    And girl you better get the whole album. Shameless T-Swift fan since 2006 and I'm happy more people are seeing the light! :p

    1. Yeah I do think psych is a better fit. Thanks Ab.
      I've never had Habib yoghurt, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
      I'm steadily getting all the songs on this 1960 album and I may even go back and get some of her old stuff too

    2. Yeah I do think psych is a better fit. Thanks Ab.
      I've never had Habib yoghurt, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
      I'm steadily getting all the songs on this 1960 album and I may even go back and get some of her old stuff too

  5. From school I knew paeds wasn't for my job ( esp scbu n emergency units) sealed that fact for me.

    I love flats so much that when my feet get in heels they usually start with awkward steps like a learner.

    I've always had love for kernel oil...buh, reading your posts opened my eyes to its hair use. And I lovvvvve it, esp in my oil mix. Danke.

  6. Lol. I'm just trying to at least get housejob soon and get started and over with.