Wash Day Files: The All-in-one Clay Masque

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Hey people, how's it going?

    Wash day happened on sunday evening. On Sunday morning I had the worst hair day of my life. My hair was just doing everything but what I wanted it to do.  I wasn't even trying to force it into a particular style, I just wanted to get it into ANY style it would allow. But no, hair was kicking and screaming like a big, fat baby.
I ended up having to restrain it with a scarf as a last resort.

 I really liked how it turned out: you would have thought I had it planned all along. Take that, hair.

Lately I've been experiencing shedding and breakage- I'm talking I have to sweep up hair each time I style it, not pick up hair o; sweep. Am I a sheep?
My goals this wash day were:
1. Get my hair under control before I lose it.
Special agent: bentonite clay.
     I had used it only once before, read here. I didn't have the best time with it that time but that's because I made some mistakes. What it did do was make my coils clump together, thus toning down the volume.
2. Stop the breakage and shedding.
Special agent: egg. 
It has never failed me.

 Process:  I mixed some bentonite clay with warm water to make a fluidy paste, then added honey + olive oil + sunflower oil.
I got this tip from AB of The Kink And I after my last clay experience. I had issues rinsing it out and she commented that she found that adding honey made it rinse out properly, and she also adds oils for slip, and to make it a deep conditioning masque. You know I'm all for packing several steps into one.
Lastly I added an egg.
So ya see- this was a do-it-all masque:
Cleansing- bentonite clay cleanses and detoxifies
Deep conditioning- Honey and oils
Protein treatment- Egg
Check check check. POW!

The consistency at this point though... I was like, Sandra what kind of clay soup have you made now? Lol. I added a little more clay to thicken it.
My hands were messy from the moment I started so I couldn't take pictures. So sorry.
I applied it to my hair in sections and put each away in a bantu knot before moving on to the next. I covered with a plastic cap and then a shower cap and let it be for an hour while I caught up with my blog reading.
Rinsed: with lukewarm water. It rinsed out very well, no problems.  Thanks AB :D
My hair felt goood: strong and soft and conditioned all at once. *shaky bumbum!*
Tshirt dried: 30 minutes.

Both pictures were before leave-ins. Yeeeah
Leave-ins: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, sealed with Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment.

I put my hair in bantu knots and covered with a scarf.
Next morning I had happy happy hair that I pinned up and kept touching at random moments at work. Meanwhile the smell of wet earth stayed in my hair until yesterday. Can't say that I mind, my hair and I had kissed and made up.
How was your wash day? Has any tip you've ever gotten changed the game for you?
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  1. Hello Sandra,
    I have a quick question: are transitioning or stretching your relaxer? It looks like I have the same texture than you, so I'm like to know how you manage both your relaxed and natural hair.


    1. Hi Anon,
      I'm transitioning, 13 months post now. I chronicle my journey on this blog so you'll see the way I manage the textures in my posts.
      Basically I make sure I moisturise, deep condition and avoid manipulating it a lot.

    2. Thanks for replying Sandra.
      I relaxed my hair 9 months ago after a three years natural period, but I'm seriously considering transitioning to natural hair again.
      Thanks for posting your chronicle, I will certainly learn from your experience.

  2. I love how you killed THREE birds with one stone (cleanse, moisturize, and protein)! LOL!
    Don't you just hate those days when your hair just doesn't want to cooperate? Sometimes you have to show it who's the boss! :)

  3. You wouldn't be able to tell me NOTHING with that sassy updo! I'm a sucker for a brightly color patterned scarf lover!

    I do everything in bantu knots too! Washing, deep conditioning, styling----Those mini coils are so multi-functional.

    Can you tell us more about Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment? Sounds wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience doll!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks KLP :)
      I tell you, bantu knots are the truth. 1, 2, hair's up and away.
      The Olori Dc treatment is a yummy-smelling, light whipped butter. It's a good sealant. I'll put u a review when I've used it more ways

  4. Good stuff. For the shedding you can try tea rinses.

    1. Hi Gibbie!
      I tried a black tea rinse that did a number on my hair. Coffee rinses were cool but I haven't done one in a while. It's a convenience issue. I'll try to incorporate it soon

  5. I have some bentonite clay, been itching to put it to work. Thanks so much for the tip about the honey. A successful washday indeed!

    1. Thanks Bee :)
      Would be great to see what it does for you

  6. I love the outcome. Omgosh your hair looks so soft and conditioned. Please where did you get the clay?! I would like to try it.

    1. How late is this reply? ? So sorry. I got it from Ebeano supermarket in lekki phase 1. It's Namaste Organics and I'm not sure but I think they have a site

  7. Yay!! Happy you had a great experience with the clay this time. Bentonite clay masks are just amazing, & time saving! Love how you wore your scarf! x

    1. It's like I have been sleeping on bentonite clay since forever.
      Thanks for the tip that turned it around for me :)

  8. You have such beautiful hair. Will def try this mask soon, sounds like the answer to lazy wash days.

  9. The three in one workings of using the mast is just wonderful. Really time saving.
    Have one question tho, since you added eggs...and still covered with a plastic cap and washed with lukewarm water..didnt it kinda semi cook, leaving this white stuff in your hair?