Naturals In The City 9

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   Just in case you haven't already seen this on other blogs and on instagram, it's NITC 9 tomorrow!
I missed NITC 8 earlier this year but this one, I'm not missing for anything. Here's the flyer:

There will be lots of hair info and products to buy, win and swap. Remember to bring any gently-used products you might want to swap.
I'm excited to meet bloggers and readers I've only communicated with online (even though I tend to be shy around new people).
I'll be taking pictures for a recap on the blog too.
See you there :D



The Wash Day Files: Out with the old, In with the new

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Hey people!
I'm sharing two wash days today because I made some changes and feel like I should put it out there.

Wash day 1- The first one after the yarn twists.
    Detangling was paramount. I used the ORS Replenishing Conditioner + EVOO to detangle and two-strand twist each section, then I covered with a shower cap to dc for an hour.
I rinsed, shampooed my scalp and hair, undoing and redoing twists as I went along.
Tshirt dried for 30 minutes, sealed lightly with my oil mix and let it dry in twists.

I noticed there was buildup from the dc and I wished I had used more shampoo on the hair itself. My hair felt coated and stringy after I undid the twists.
Two days later (saturday) I cowashed. It didn't get out all the buildup (Cowashing never does with this dc) but it was much better and to make sure I got to retain moisture this time, I revived the LCO method.
Liquid- water. My hair was damp
Cream- Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
Oil- my usual oil mix
   My hair felt so soft afterward... Though this conditioner doesn't have much slip (at least the way I used it), the softness seriously eased detangling. It was so easy to pull into two sleek plaits to stretch my new growth whilst drying.

 The next day I did a lush updo, then at night I put in cornrows and wigged for the week. Yes I wore a wig :D

  This wash day marked the end of an old era (am I being dramatic?). I made a flash decision to give away my hair products that aren't all-natural since I now have their replacements. I have used them for the last time. *tears* #beautypageantwave
The CON Argan oil shampoo I'll miss for its amazing detangling and gentle cleansing. The ORS Replenishing Conditioner I'll miss for its awesome slip, moisturising and mild strengthening. I won't miss the buildup. It seems my transitioning hair is more averse to buildup than when I was fully relaxed.

Wash Day 2- The New Era, or should I say new HAIRA (just go with it ok?)
New shampoo, new conditioners. All new everything.
Now you know I usually dc then wash, but I figured that won't let me properly analyse a new conditioner, so I washed first.
 Prepoo- Extra virgin olive oil.
I'll always say how much I love this oil for detangling. It did a great job after I undid my cornrows. I twisted in sections and covered for 30 minutes with a plastic cap then a shower cap. It was a really hot day.
 Shampoo- Shea Moisture Red Tea and Babassu Head-to-toe Wash & Shampoo.
I undid each twist, washed, rinsed and redid the twist. It got out all the buildup from last week without stripping my hair at all. I've been using it for my face and body too by the way, and I'll have a full report soon.
 Dc- I went with Aubrey GBP Glycogen-Protein Balancing conditioner this time because it's been a while since my last protein treatment and I needed to infuse some protein without doing a hard treatment. I applied in sections, worked it through with my fingers and twisted. Covered again with a plastic cap, wrapped around with a towel dipped in hot water, then put a shower cap over that. I removed the towel after 15 minutes and continued for an hour before rinsing with cool water. My hair had absorbed virtually everything and rinsing was just perfunctory. My hair felt oh-so-good: light and fluffy and moisturised.
 Tshirt dried- 40 minutes
 Leave-in: LCO method
        Liquid- water. Hair was damp
        Cream- Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
        Oil- my oil mix. Few drops per section.

The good times kept rolling. I hadn't done bantu knots in a while because they don't turn out right if my hair isn't feeling this light and fluffy. This time I had a good feeling and I did 10 bantu knots and I'm so glad...
Wild and free curls :D 

I'll do a hair update post with pictures of all the ways I've styled my hair lately, including the wig. Coming shortly.
So happy with this wash day. How was yours?
Please catch up with the Wash Day Experience and see how other ladies have pampered their hair.



The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

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     Hello everybaaady,
 I've just come out of an intense 6 weeks in a unit that sucked everything out of me and then some. One secret though, I like the job anyway. Shhhh...
So this marks the end of my three-month surgery posting. Up next: O&G.
  I'm fighting this weekend-only-posts trend I've had going on lately; please be nice to me O&G...
  I'm owing two wash day posts I have to deliver because I've been trying new stuff and I want to let you guys know how it went. I'm going to go right ahead and make a promise to join the Wash Day Experience link-up on Wednesday with a two-in-one post.

   Okay, on to the matter at hand- The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award.

 I was nominated by the beautiful Amaka of Thanks girl!

The rules when you accept are :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer their ten questions.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees
5. Nominate 10 bloggers

    Amaka got nominated by two people who dispensed with the 10 questions rule and said instead:
"Tell us about a part of you that you struggled with (maybe a habit, nose, shape, leg etc) and how you overcame the fear."
The aim is to help ladies accept every part of their bodies and personalities.
Amaka decided to continue that way with her nominees and I think it's genius so that's what I'm doing too.

Growing up I struggled with a thousand and one insecurities: I hated my nose- wanted a pointy one. I wanted a smaller mouth. I even thought my eyes would look better slanted. I wanted longer, thinner fingers. Bigger boobs. Hairless legs. 20/20 eyesight. I wanted to be taller too, it was pretty obvious I was going to be the shortest at home (I have a big sister and two younger brothers) and I just wanted to surprise everybody and myself with some linear growth (the beans mummy packed me full of just weren't working yo).

    Fast forward to my late teens, I don't know exactly when it started to happen but I'm sure maturing had a lot to do with it- I became a lot more sure of myself, my mind, my abilities and as that happened, I noticed how confident I had gotten. I loved even things I used to think were the worst: my nose. My lips. My hands. I thank God for my hands with which I practice medicine. (Percussion has to be harder with skinny fingers!)
I think being pocket-sized is so darn cute. I LOVE my body (and have humongous fears about what childbirth could someday do to it).
Getting bigger, nerdy glasses was a defining moment because Geek chic is now a part of my identity. I don't even want contact lenses anymore.
As for my legs, love 'em but I really hate having to shave so that's not a regular thing. People say it's not bad at all but nuh-uh, I still want them totally hairless (some things don't change right?) Oh well I guess they keep me grounded, all this self-love could get to a girl's head biko.
     All in all, what helped me was focusing more on my mind and less on my body. When everything is tiptop up there, insecurities fly out.

I'm nominating the following sister bloggers:
Yvette of
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   Ok that's 9 but I think that's all I can manage. I know I've given you ladies work to do but it's all in good fun and I'm sure I can learn something from you guys.
Thanks again Amaka :*




Hair Update: Twist takedown, new products

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Remember how I was so proud of myself? How I thought my yarn twists would beat my protective style record and make it to 4 weeks? Remember?

It didn't happen. I put up the post and two days later I reached breaking point. I had just finished a long weekend call (friday to monday) in the hospital and I couldn't stand the load on my head. I came down with this pounding headache that made my eyes water.
The hair had to go go go. That's how I spent monday evening/night- unravelling yarn twists exactly three weeks old. I had a warm shower as soon as I was done and the headache? poof. Gone.

I washed the twists 2 weeks in (it was so HEAVY I could barely hold my head up straight) so I didn't have to wash my hair after takedown.
I just sprayed my hair with water and sealed with oil, didn't detangle (I was too tired to start) and put in two big plaits for a braidout. Satin scarf. Bed.

The next morning I was happy to see this:

It was Tuesday, major surgery day, and I wanted my hair easy to put in a scrub cap so I pinned it into an up do:

I did the same for Wednesday and Thursday, then Thursday night was wash day (wash night?)- wash day post coming soon.

   On the product front, I've been working on using up the non-natural products I already have so I can get new all-natural ones, but I gave up waiting and bought these babies on Friday:

The Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner can be used as a rinse-out and a leave-in. The Head to Toe Baby Wash washes everything. Told you I like multitasking prods :D
There'll be reviews in good time.

What have you been up to lately? Any new purchases? Styles?


My Five latest pleasure points

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Hey you guys!
First let me just apologise for replying comments late these days; your girl is on the grind. Thanks for understanding.
   I'm here to share a few things that have made me happy lately.

1. Finally wearing my vintage midi skirt
   I bought two midi skirts from one of these Instagram stores. I got them several months ago. You know how online purchases can be hit or miss, even with all the pictures?
 Well these came quite long and didn't look at all right on me. I'm petite and the whole thing enveloped me and cut off my legs mid-shin. The waist was also too big even though the skirts were advertised as small.
I abandoned them for months and then decided to have them altered after fussing and fiddling in front of the mirror.
Here's one-
Waist nipped in, length hemmed to below knee: winning

I kept everything else minimal. This skirt is a bright gold check print so I kept the focus on that.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I'm such a foodie. I usually keep it healthy but Ice Cream Factory don jazz me with their red velvet cake.
This stuff is pleasure on a plate. Yum! I don't eat it often but when I have a craving,  it has to be had.

I think I'm gonna propose soon

3. My yarn twists
The ease is just the best thing. I know it's very full so I can't even pack or style it as normally would, but the fact that I don't have to worry about doing extra before I run out is bliss.
Granted, I had the evil urge after both first and second weeks to grab my scissors and take it all out but I fought it off/got talked out of it by my girl Kudi. I'm glad for it because honestly, I'm not missing my own hair that much. It was more out of my usual restlessness with hair. *shrugs*
I made it to friday and I'm on a long weekend call at work so it can't come out til next weekend, 4 weeks old! So proud of myself :D

The only way this hair lets me style it

4. Friends: Getting the trio together again
Gbemi and Tope and me, we used to live together in med school and now we hardly get to spend time as a unit anymore (Growing up is annoying).
Recently we did and we got so squealy and huggy and I lost all my street cred in the process :| :| :|

 I sha love you guys. Don't "Awww" -_____-

5. Saving the best for last....
I have a new niece! She's a brand new Naija girl and she's beautiful and pink and curly haired (hellurrr naturalista) and I adore her.
Naija niece next door
   Her royal cuteness is Munachi Blossom and I have plans for her hair if my cousin Chioma would please just give me the mantle...

That's all folks! What's been making you happy lately?