The joy of awoof! My recent winning streak

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Hello lovely people,
If you're not Nigerian please note that we Naija people LOVE free stuff. We love it so much that it has a name in local slang- "Awoof". That's not all. We have popular sayings "Awoof dey run belle o!"- a warning given in humour that free stuff may hurt you (nobody listens), and "who no like awoof?" I'm sure you got that one but just in case: "who doesn't like free stuff".

    I entered for a giveaway a couple of weeks ago by The Kinky Apothecary and Kinikinks on instagram. They were giving away three Shea moisture products- a line I've been infinitely curious about- one each to three people. All I had to do was follow, repost a picture, tag friends. Simple. I had forgotten about it by the time I got a notification that I won one. *oya shake body*
I won the African Black Soap Purification Masque and the package came with a surprise; a sample size of Aubrey GBP conditioner. By the way, the Kinky apothecary packages stuff so classy...

Both products are all-natural, no chemicals. I was orgasmic with joy. You know I'm on my way to being a total organic nuthead. Imagine winning something you actually really need.
So yeah, expect reviews in the future. I'm trying to use up my non-organic stuff while I amass replacements so I haven't used them yet.
    My second win was an invite to a garden party. The enterprising Dabs of sent out IVs to selected bloggers to her Savvy and Chic garden party.
The bloggers were entitled to a reader of their blog as a +1. I entered for it on Kemi Lewis's blog and I won. Funny enough these are the only two giveaways I've entered for in recent times and I won both. #no.1awoofkiller. :D *swerve*
   The party was on sunday and it was just beautiful. I'll do a post on that very soon.

     All this winning makes me want to give back. Giveaway soon? What do you think?

P.s: I know I said I'll put up the black soap post last week, but I tried something new with it and I'm studying the results. I want it to be a complete post and It'll be up this week (no really).



  1. Who doesn't love awoof?! :-) It was really nice meeting you this weekend.

  2. It was really nice meeting your and your hair is amaze balls! I hope we bond more!

    1. Your personality is so uplifting Titi, lovely to meet you.
      Thank you :D
      Just added you on g+