The wash day files: tea rinse and air drying

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Hi everyone :)
     This wash day left me feeling confused. I'll just get right to what I did and then try to figure it out afterward.

I took care of my kinky twists by being semi-diligent with spritzing. I also shampooed and did a cold conditioner rinse at 10 days,  so my hair didn't feel dry at all when I took them out on Sunday.
Wash Day
I parted into 4 sections, separated the clumped strands, and removed as much shed hair as I could.

Pre-poo: I briefly thought about a hard protein treatment but decided I didn't need one yet. I did a hot oil pre-poo with a mixture of honey and coconut oil warmed over a bowl of hot water. Covered with a shower cap for an hour.

Co-wash: with Vo5 Repair and Protect conditioner and warm water.

Tea rinse: with Black tea + African basil.
   Black tea contains caffeine which helps with shedding.
   We have African basil(nchuanwu, efinrin) growing at the back and it's one of those herbs that are said to stimulate growth. Ours presently has some dry leaves and twigs amidst the fresh. I brewed the dried stuff in a big cup with 2 black tea bags (Lipton) and threw in some fresh leaves.

Deep condition: with Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair deep conditioner + palm kernel oil. I covered with 2 shower caps and wrapped with a towel for a little over an hour. Rinsed with cold water and put on a cotton tshirt wrapped around my hair.

Leave-ins: I used the LCO method. This far into my transition, I can no longer just seal my damp hair with a little oil and prance away. My new growth will not have it.
Liquid- the L'ozrael Hair Rescue I won in a raffle
Cream - my minty shea butter cream (notice how I named it?)
Oil- mixture of olive and coconut.

Detangle : fingers and wide toothed comb. Bantu knots are my current go-to for stretching my new growth. They also keep freshly detangled sections out of the way. I detangled in 10 sections and had 10 bantu knots. I had to go out before my hair was completely dry so I freed it, put on a headband and tucked my ends under.
   *Air drying: When I got home I re-spritzed with water, put my hair in 4 bantu knots and went to bed with my satin scarf. The next morning my new growth was nicely stretched.
How did my hair fare?
Everything was normal up until the tea rinse- black tea usually makes my hair feel hard but it didn't this time. I'm guessing the efinrin counteracted that. However the tea removed whatever slip the Vo5 imparted.

After I rinsed out the deep conditioner, my hair wasn't quite back to itself. The PKO had done its job and softened my new growth but my hair wasn't very well conditioned and I was missing some slip.

Detangling saw me losing more hair than I anticipated- more shedding than expected even after that tea rinse; and even a little breakage.
The LCO picked things up but I wasn't very pleased.
There was even more later

  The root of the problem:
I don't think it's the deep conditioner. I've used it a few times with better results. It could be:
1. The tea rinse. Last one was in March and my hair wasn't too happy then either. I think my hair likes coffee rinses better. Both times though, I had just taken down a heavy duty protective style so that might be it. I'll try again soon and I'll know for sure if I should knock black tea permanently.
2. I should have done that hard protein treatment! I just counted seven weeks since my last one.
My hair has been known to act out in protest for protein.
 So, since wash day on sunday I've been doing my best to keep my hands out of my hair unless I'm moisturising.

    At least my new growth was stretched and manageable. Plus, I'm already seeing improvement in my front sections since the setback.
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How was your wash day?


  1. Black tea rinses leave my hair hard too. Even after the most moisturizing of conditioners. I don't do them frequently at all so I can completely relate.

    How to you like the Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair deep conditioner?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I think I'll stay away from them for a while KLP.
      The conditioner has been good to me so far but I'll have to get a few more uses before I'm ready to review

    2. Have you tried brewing it with moringa? For some reason (tagged for further study) it's more moisturising.

    3. I've never even tried anything with moringa, not the seeds, leaf, powder, oil. I've heard nothing but good things about it though so I'm going to try it when I get the chance

  2. The tea rinse is supposed to go on your scalp only honey, not hair itself. Try to spray it directly to your scalp, apply the conditioner or deep conditioner, and cover with a plastic cap, then rinse when you are ready. I hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Nerline. I'll definitely be keeping it away from my hair if I use it again. I think I'm running back to coffee though, it had no such effects on my hair and still dealt with shedding

  3. I guess its definitely a need for hard protein. I had a setback recently coz of protein. All the best in solving the problem

  4. The shedding could also be because of the long term PS, maybe try to assess your hair during he next wash day. I really hate when I can't pin the issue down with my hair.

    1. Ikr, such a pain not knowing for sure. I'll try to fix it next wash day

  5. Black tea can be really hard on the hair, if you're gonna continue with it I suggest you brew it for a little less time. I usually due a mint tea+ hibiscus rinse and deep condition right after and my hair holds up really great :)

    1. Mint and hibiscus sounds delicious! I'll probably make two cups and let my hair have a treat too. Thank you.
      With all these other tea options (and coffee), I don't think I'll put black tea in my hair for a long, long time