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Hello everyone!
I am long overdue for this post. I have been completely off the blogosphere because my chrome browser decided to take a sabbatical. I spent yesterday catching up on the posts I missed from blogs I follow. I really need more options with network services...

 I knew i wanted to put in a longlasting protective style right after my last wash day. I seriously needed to minimise manipulation for a while. I decided on kinky twists and installed them last thursday.
   I got together what I needed and set to work by almost 11pm:
Wide toothed comb, claw clips for sectioning, sprush(I used the tip to part my hair), spray bottle of water, shea butter mix, oil (coconut + olive + avocado + drops of peppermint oil), kinky braiding hair.

I got the Xpression Premium Kingky Braid from Utako market, Abuja.
I had a choice between Supreme-N1500/pack, Noble- N1000 and Xpression- N1200.
       They were all the long kind that have already been separated into individual pieces. I have used the Supreme a couple of times. It's good, if a little tough in texture.
I liked the texture of the Noble best actually. It was softer and kinkier and a bit fuller than the Xpression. Unfortunately, the colour options were 1 and a mixture of 1 and 30.
I wanted colour 2 to match my own colour and I could only get that with Xpression, so I went with that after a long period of indecision (I warn you, do not ever shop with me).
    I bought 3 packs of Xpression Kingky Braid.
I counted 25 pieces in each pack. I divided my hair into 3 sections- one at the back, 2 in front and planned to use one pack per section.
    My last wash day prepped my hair- light protein from the milk, deep conditioned to perfection, moisturised.
For each piece of hair i sectioned off to be braided, I used the liquid-cream-oil (LCO) method. I spritzed lightly with water, then used my shea butter mix, then the oil mix. My hair's going to be away for a while so it's important for me to maximise moisture retention.
   I used 2 individual pieces of the kinky hair for each twist and rubbed in a bit of my shea butter mix before installing.
I used the the invisible roots method which gives the roots a more natural look than starting with a three strand braid.

After each twist, I rolled up the ends like a bantu knot for curly ends. When I was done, it looked like this:

I dipped the ends in very hot water with a towel draped around my neck and shoulders for protection. I let the ends cool down before I undid the knots. By this time it was nearly 5am and I was sleeepy. It took me about 6 hours taking my time and watching Cars ( the animation) followed by Teen Wolf- I have tossed the cd away several times but this time it was my only option. I erm, enjoyed it a little more than I thought I would. *shamefaced*

I stumbled to bed and fell asleep before I thought to take one last picture. Later that morning I took one during my workout (hence the sweat. Pardon me).

Here's why I love these twists:

  •  They're not too full so they're easier to deal with
  •  Curling the ends means I can wear them shorter than the length of my hair would normally allow
  •  My hair is protected
  • AND I get lots of compliments. Some people even asked if it was all mine. I wish. I won't have nearly as much volume with just my hair.

 I've been spraying with a mixture of water + coconut oil + a few drops of peppermint oil, and lubricating my edges with my shea butter mix. I'm also due for a wash.

      In other news, today was Capital Naturals 3! It was a natural hair meet up but everyone was invited- natural, relaxed, transitioining, hair curious. There were hair talks and stuff to buy and people to meet. It was my first time at an event like this and turned out to be one of the many interesting hair-related experiences I've had over the past week+. Expect posts and pictures!



  1. It's so lovely.. I wish you were my friend and live close to me.. had a weekend call last weekend and 2 more within the week. Supposed to get braids today but after the week I've had and waking up at 5am to wash my hair(fell asleep dc'ing) all I want is to sleep and wake up with my hair done.

    1. Thanks Noelle :)
      Oh man, sleepless nights will do that to you. Hair fairy services needed

  2. Nice hair ma. Did you separate the strands before using them?

    1. Hi ya! No I didn't separate them. That's the beauty of these kinky braiding hair all over now- no mess, no stress

  3. I am thinking of installing this soon. You made the process looks so easy and it looks very nice too